Diet Update: Grip Style

So its been about a week from my last update and I can honestly say I've feel that I've done pretty well. As I was getting ready to get on that scale I was pretty confident that I would be at the same weight or I lost some pounds. I walk up to the scale and I look down to see that I have lost two more pounds. Now its not much but I did hit my goal of being getting into the 320's by my next update.

So I'm pretty excited about that. I've made some minor changes to my diet that seem to help me out like finally making a change to diet soda. I've tried my best to stay away from soda completely but its tough to go cold turkey. Once and awhile I would sneak in some Coke and would think it would hurt me that bad. WRONG! My biggest issue with diet soda was the after taste that all of them seem to have. Then I discovered Diet Dr. Pepper. This is the only diet soda I know that doesn't lack in taste. Now Coke Zero is pretty close to regular Coke but I can taste the difference and that's not the case with Diet Dr Pepper. I only drink one every other day but it does take care of that itch to have soda.

So its going to be another week of watching what I eat and hitting the gym. The new goal will be 325 by my next update. Lets see what happens.


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