Diet Update: Grip Style

Today is a great day as I woke up this morning to find that I am down to 325. Its been a tough hill to climb but ever since I rededicated myself to this diet its been going great. The diet I was first on was tough.

I was taking out everything bad out of my diet menu like no more burgers, pizza, and burritos. Trying to stay with sandwiches and eating fruit every day was being to suck. I really started to think about going about this for the long run. With every diet out there like Jenny Craig's and Weight Watchers the main thing that I hear about there diet plan is portion control.

Lets face it, we will not stay on any diet if we are limited to carrots and celery sticks every day. So with that in mind with my new diet, I allow myself to go have a burger or some pizza. I try to be smart with my food choices like I will order a turkey burger instead of a regular one and when ordering pizza, I get thin crust pizza and have two maybe three slices. The one diet that work for me was a diet that I created myself back in 1997. I lost 40 pounds during the summer by just cutting back on thinks like soda, bread, and other greasy food. At that time I was playing basketball every day but by taking all that extra calories out really made a difference.

So its another day of the diet, lets see what happens from here on out. The goal is be at least 319 or under by the next diet update.


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